About Us

KUBON GELATIN PTE. LTD is a Southeast Asia leading progressive Gelatin and Collagen manufacturer. With a consistent focus on innovation in technology, world changing markets, and customer demands, Kubon Gelatin try to offer consumers a life beyond traditional ways and create a Green & Healthy world.

Our Three Promises

Global Expertise

You will benefit from global expertise and the support of dedicated local teams to secure the best solutions for you

World-class products

You can rely on world-class products that meet the highest global quality and safety standards, delivered in spec and on time

Respect Environment

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, both in our commitment to respect the environment and through the integrity and transparency we show you.

The world’s population is growing, with many of earth’s resources facing depletion. As a market leader with operations on all continents, we make sure that our growing activities worldwide are carried out with due respect for the environment and we create sustainable ingredients that contribute to a better world.

We're Eager To Connect With You

At Kubon, we are eager to share products, ideas and expertise. If you have any questions, queries or ideas you wish to discuss with us, please contact us today.