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Certified Quality Kubon (Cambodia) Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is AAAAA rated to the highest level of Food Safety Administration of Cambodia. We systematically analyse and manage food safety at all stages of the supply chain. A permanent cross-company group is tasked with ensuring efficient communication routes via our Food Safety team. This ensures that changes and …

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Food & Beverage Gelatin is a modern foodstuff and is used for processing in numerous areas of the industry. Wherever gelling agents, stabilizers, binders, emulsifiers, film-formers, foams and whipping agents are required, Gelatin, the natural, taste-neutral product, is preferred. In addition, Gelatin and collagen peptides can be used for protein enrichment, fat/carbohydrate reduction and as …

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How To Use Gelatin? | Different Ways To Use Gelatin There are more people who enjoy incorporating gelatin into their life, and for good reason. This well-known superfood is a baked type of connective tissues derived from closed-class word tissue paper, animal tissue, and certain animal bones. Using new animal parts on a regular basis …

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