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Gelatin is a modern food that is processed in many areas of the industry. Where gelling agents, stabilizers, binders, emulsifiers, film formers, foams and whipping agents are required, gelatin, a natural, neutral-tasting product, is preferred.
In addition, gelatin and collagen peptides can be used for protein enrichment, fat/carbohydrate reduction and as carriers. Of course, these highly versatile application areas require different types of gelatin; these require expert selection advice. Halal Gelatin®Application Service provides such advice through its experienced food technologists. There is a gelatin for every possible application.
Without gelatin, it would be nearly impossible to develop semi-fat, low-fat and “light” products in many areas. Whether it’s half-fat butter or margarine, low-fat pastries, low-fat cheeses and cheese spreads, sugar-free candy or wine gum, gelatin or collagen peptides, they have all been used successfully. The reason for this is that, on the one hand, gelatin is able to bind a large amount of water to form a gel, and on the other hand, it gives the product the desirable properties that make it a food product. This is especially valuable for the successful development of new products.

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Send us an email or leave a message for technical supports, free samples, FOB price, etc.

Send us an email or leave a message for technical supports, free samples, FOB price, etc.