Health and Nutrition

Gelatin has been used as an indispensable starting material in the nutraceutical industry for decades.
Our collagen peptides are active health-promoting ingredients used in beauty applications, sports nutrition, food supplements.
The cosmeceutical market continues to grow at a significant annual rate, but today consumers are more aware of nutritional products that help with skin health and disease prevention.
Gelatin capsules are an elegant and widely available pharmaceutical dosage form. They enable simple and safe administration of liquid and paste medications. At the same time, the drug in the capsule is highly bioavailable. Capsules also stabilize active pharmaceutical ingredients against light and atmospheric oxygen. Use hard or soft capsules, depending on the drug involved. Oil-based liquid or paste fills are usually prepared in soft capsules, while hard capsules are preferred for powders

Joint and Bone Supplements

Collagen peptides (gelatin) are used in food supplements to treat arthritis or maintain good joint function. Some long-term treatments to keep joints healthy use collagen peptides. In addition, for the treatment of certain degenerative diseases of the bones, such as osteoporosis, dietary supplements containing collagen peptides are used in combination with dietary supplements containing calcium and vitamin D.

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Send us an email or leave a message for technical supports, free samples, FOB price, etc.